The LEWIS a Genuine Harris Tweed cover for our waterproof dog beds.
 Another truly stunning dog bed cover from Eleanor Urquhart Dog Beds to add to our range of  luxury pet  beds.
Beautiful selection of  tweeds to choose from, from modern bright colours to the more traditional tones.
 The Highland Mull please look on THE HIGHLAND FLING Collection for more details on yet another outstanding top quality luxury dog bed.
To meet the legally-prescribed definition of Harris Tweed, tweed has to adhere to a strict specification. This sets out that to be considered Harris Tweed, a  tweed must have been “hand-woven by the islanders at their home in the Outer Hebrides and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides”.
Genuine Harris Tweed cover for our waterproof dog beds.
The definition of Harris Tweed is enshrined in law, with clear legal criteria laid down in the Harris Tweed Act of 1993.
 Tweed that does not comply with these conditions is not Harris Tweed and cannot be marketed as such. The Orb Mark, Britain’s oldest surviving Certification Mark, is managed and protected by the Harris Tweed Authority, a statutory body.
For Cats too!!!
Now with Memory foam cushion & Pure
Merino Wool cover.Pure natural luxury for your pets. 
Genuine Harris Tweed luxury dog beds.
 Beautiful range of bright colours.
100% Pure new wool.

The Harris is made from Genuine Harris Tweed, hand-woven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland from 100% pure new wool.  
A thick pre-steamed pile cover for our waterproof dog beds. Machine washable.
The  Muckle Gold is a top of the range luxurious super soft cover for our waterproof dog beds. The Permafresh has anti-bacterial properties that will last for up to 1000 washes.
   It contains 30% British Wool, helps retain your pet's body heat, and permafresh fibres to keep it fresh.
The fabric is a tighltly woven, heavy duty, marine waterproof coated nylon used in the sailing industry to withstand extreme outdoor conditions.     
No shifting. No clumping Futon Dog Beds.
The ultimate hygienic dog bed.
Hygiene is as important to our pets as it is to us, with this as one of our main concerns in pet beds we bring you the ultimate hygienic, waterproof dog bed. Impervious to liquid, mud, hair and parasites.
Our beds boast 2 waterproof covers, not simply filling inserted in a outer cover. Resulting in double waterproof protection ensuring the inner bed will always remain fresh, dry, clean and most importantly hygienic.
Our waterproof dog beds feature a ball fibre filling, chambered liner inside, ensuring even distribution, no shifting, no clumping .
The Mulls are super cosy dog beds for your cat or dog, complete with a plastic dog bed. Thickly padded sides and base give all round extra support.
Made in beautiful Genuine Harris Tweed.
100% Pure new wool. 
Also available with a Merino wool base.
Pure natural luxury for your pets.

Exclusive to Eleanor Urquhart Luxury Dog Beds. 
With the addition of the plastic bed that the Mull sits inside of, this means your pet has all round comfort and support. No floppy sides or collapsing  dog beds!!!  
 For Cats too!!! 
Our Deluxe Mull, made with the same fabric as our Muckle Gold waterproof bed cover, containing 30% British Wool to help retain your pet's body heat and permafresh fibres to keep it fresh.

Luxuriously thick, pre-steamed pile, super wash wool, luxury dog beds.
The Mull's are more than just dog bed liners! 


The Deluxe Mull is a super soft, luxury, wool dog bed liner complete with plastic dog bed. Pure natural luxury give your pet the best! 
This is our Vet bedding cover for our Waterproof dog beds.  

Vet bedding is used and recommended by vets worldwide. Drains and dries fast - keeps your pet warm and dry.  

Available in Grey, Green, Navy, Brown, Black and Wheat. 
 Lots of tartans to choose from!
All are machine washable on a hand wash cycle.
The Highland Mull super cosy bed, shown here in Antique Buchanan. 
Exclusive to Eleanor Urquhart Luxury Dog Beds.
  The Highland Fling Collection, a tradional elegant wool tartan collection of  luxury dog beds and covers for our waterproof dog beds, with matching cushions and throws to complement the look. 
 Made from pure Merino lambswool, these tartan covers add a timeless elegance to our waterproof dog beds. 
The Highland Mull made in the same pure Merino lambswool as all the Highland Fling collection.
 The Fetlar is a waterproof dog
bed pad,  not as deep as our waterproof dog  beds, making it a ideal crate pad, bootliner or as a flat bed for those pets that find the deeper beds difficult climbing onto . 
      Available in Burgundy, Navy, Purple and Black.
Covers available for our waterproof dog bed pads in either Veterinary bedding, pure new wool, Merino wool and Harris Tweed. 
RENAISSANCE Collars & Leads

An exciting  range of luxury, designer dog collars and leads, featuring our RENAISSANCE range in beautiful woven trims, lined in velvet, with solid brass hardware and matching velvet leads.

TARTAN TIME Collars & Leads 

Tartan dog collars beautifully lined in coordinating satin, with solid brass hardware.

 Beautiful stylish dog collars with matching leads.
Martingale Dog Collars

Martingale Dog Collars beautiful gold metallic trims with a rather fitting Scottish Stag scene!