British Wool Dog Bed Covers

Shown here over our Waterproof Dog Bed.
Sharon's Irish Wolf Hound "Floyd"
 on a Giant size.

The Muckle Gold is a top of the range Luxurious super soft cover for our waterproof dog beds and pads. 

It contains 30% British Wool to help retain your pet's body heat and Permafresh fibres to keep it fresh. 
The Permafresh has anti-bacterial properties that will last for up to 1000 washes. 

Excellent for all pets and older pets to help ease Arthritis.

Luxuriously thick pre-steamed pile.
This cover combined with our waterproof  dog bed mattress makes a superior top quality bed.

Very easy to change, wash and dry. Machine wash at 30 degree Celsius. 

Available in Brown & Wheat

£56.00 Small
£60.00 Medium
£68.00 Large
£80.00 Extra Large
£106.00 Giant