Wool Plaid Tartan Dog Collars p2

Scottish 100% pure new Wool Plaid Tartan in a fantastic choice of over 500 tartans.

With over 5,500 registered tartans, but only around 40 produced in ribbon, we are constantly trying to find ways to offer our customers an ever wider choice in Tartan Dog Collars.

As well as as the 40 or so Tartans listed by name on our Tartan Times Dog Collar page, we can also supply over 500 more in Wool Plaid Tartan, woven in Scotland by artisan kiltmakers.

These are more expensive than our Tartan Times range but do allow you to purchase a Tartan Dog Collar that may not be available in our standard range.

Due to these being a special order we do ask if you could be patient whilst we order these for you. 
Prices to follow.

BAIRD Mod. Wool Plaid Tartan 

BARCLAY Anc. Wool Plaid Tartan

BARCLAY Dress Mod. Wool Plaid Tartan 

BLACK WATCH Dress Mod Wool Tartan 

BLACK WATCH Mod. Wool Plaid Tartan 

BLACK WATCH Weath. Wool Plaid Tartan 

BLACK WATCH Wool Plaid Tartan 

BLAIR Mod. Wool Plaid Tartan

BORTHWICK Anc Wool Plaid Tartan 

BORTHWICK DRESS Wool Plaid Tartan 

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