Waterproof Dog Bed Outer Covers

Waterproof outer covers

We are now pleased to be offering the waterproof outer cover only. 

For those of you wanting to recycle your old pets bed or recycle your duvets blankets whatever takes your fancy simply insert into one of  our waterproof covers and you have a new upgraded waterproof dog bed at a fraction of the cost of a pre filled waterproof dog  bed.

These are also very good for those pets not liking the feel of the pre filled waterproof dog beds as they do not trap the air like their cousins due to the easy use of the pop fastener openers at one end  also allows the air to escape as soon as your pet applies any pressure to the surface.

Made from a similar very hard wearing,  heavy duty waterproof nylon top quality just as you would expect from Eleanor & Urquhart.

44cm x 67cm
65cm x 67cm
67cm x 91cm
67cm x 111cm
91cm x 142cm

£30.00 Small
£33.00 Medium
£36.00 Large
£44.00 Extra Large
£66.00 Giant

Available in Navy and Burgundy