Ultimate hygienic dog beds

Waterproof Dog Beds & Waterproof Dog Bed Covers

Kabuki our first beloved Pug. 

All come with handy tabs for ease of carrying

44cm x 67cm
65cm x 67cm
67cm x 91cm
67cm x 111cm
91cm x 142cm 

Available in Black, Purple, Burgundy and Navy.
 The Orkney 
The Orkney is the ultimate hygienic waterproof dog bed. It is a very low maintenance bed to keep clean, especially suitable for Kennel type environments, working dogs, larger dogs whose bedding becomes difficult to keep clean and those that  just love the Great outdoors!
Very lightweight, making it easy to move, especially the larger sizes. A really good choice of bed for working dogs, extra large dogs and kennels without comprimising on your pets comfort.
The fabric is a tightly woven, marine, heavy duty waterproof coated nylon used in the sailing industry to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. As well as this our beds boast 2 waterproof covers, not simply filling inserted in a outer cover.  Resulting in double waterproof  protection ensuring the inner bed will always remain fresh, dry, clean and most importantly hygienic. 
The inside is a lighterweight waterproof nylon cover made up of channels filled by hand to ensure even distribution with a really generous amount of  New Generation ball fibre polyester.
When used in conjunction with our optional CUILLAN  covers made from Vet Bedding  your pet will stay warm and dry. For a super soft yet durable bed try one of our MUCKLE GOLD optional covers, with 30% British Wool content for warmth and treated with a antibacterial solution for freshness.  
Very easy to keep clean,  wipe or sponge clean, with or without a mild detergent, rinse off,  towel dry excess surface water, leave to dry naturally.

No shifting, no clumping futon dog beds.   

Hygiene is as important to our pets as it is to us, with this as one of our main concerns in pet beds we bring you the ultimate hygienic, waterproof dog bed. Impervious to liquid, mud, hair and parasites.