British wool luxury dog beds

 Available in Brown and Wheat. 
40cm - 47cm length
50cm - 57cm length
60cm - 67cm length 
The Wool Mull          For Cats too.
The Wool Mull is the Deluxe version of the Mull, made from top quality materials.  The inner fabric contains 30% British Wool, helps retain your pet's body heat and Permafresh fibres to keep it fresh. The Permafresh has anti-bacterial properties that will last up to 1000 washes. Excellant for all pets and also older pets to help ease arthritis with a luxurious thick pre-steamed pile.
The Wool Mull is a super cosy dog bed complete with plastic bed.
Thickly padded sides and base with a new generation of  ball fibre polyester that gives all round extra comfort.
With the addition of the plastic bed that the Wool Mull sits inside of, this means your pet has all round comfort and support.
No floppy sides or collapsing beds!!! 
The Mull super cosy dog beds  are more than just basket liners!
Machine washable at 30 degrees celsius.

Available without the plastic dog bed
The Wool Mull is also available without the plastic dog bed. Please note however, that they will not fit all brands of plastic beds, we offer them as optional spares if you have already purchased a Mull complete with the plastic bed from us. Ideal as a spare for washing or if you just fancy a change! as all our Mulls will fit the same brand bed we supply.